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We provide a nationwide directory of Public Health Departments nationwide. We also provide information and reviews on the health departments.

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Lincoln-Lancaster County Public Health Department

3140 N St
Lincoln, NE - 68510
(402) 441-8000

Department of Health District of Columbia

899 North Capitol Street, NE.
Washington, DC - 20002
(202) 442-5955

Roanoke County Salem Health Department

105 E. Calhoun St.
Salem, VA - 24153
(540) 387-5530

Greenwood County Public Health Department

1736 South Main Street
Greenwood, SC - 29646
(864) 942-3600

Local Health Departments

Local Health Departments can provide public services such as family health. They may be local or state government operated.

Services also include:

Services also include laws and regulation enforcement that protect the public health and safety.

Coronavirus testing:

If you are looking for locations to get tested for teh novel Coronavirus, please visit: COVID19 testing sites

Eligibility Requirements

We provide information such as eligibility rules and requirements for most of our listings. This can help you in your application when you apply for health service assistance for you or your family.